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The Foresight Lab offers a range of futures thinking and change-readiness-focused programs in partnership with DeGroote Executive Education. Applying some of the same models and methods used by the likes of Accenture, Google, Microsoft and Toyota, these courses move beyond the shorter-term by adopting long-term and systems thinking lenses that help managers envision a range of future scenarios and leadership issues that may unfold in the years ahead.

Upcoming programs developed by the Foresight Lab include:

The full range of open programs offered by DeGroote Executive Education can be found on the Executive Education website.

Strategic Foresight

This 4-module course provides frameworks you can use to scan for signs of change, imagine future scenarios for your team, organization, industry, or community, and develop skills needed to become a more resilient and adaptive leader for a disruptive and changing world.

Leading Change for Innovation and Impact

Explore the deep connections that exist between leadership, change, creativity and innovation.

The Anticipant Organization

Better understand the new rules of engagement, management principles and techniques that will help your organization increase competitiveness, risk management, and resilience in an era of unrelenting technological change.

Systems Thinking for a Changing World

Become a more insightful systems thinker. Learn to appreciate how you are surrounded by systems that are greater than the sums of their parts and how the connectivity between system elements and forces of change can be managed for organizational advantage.

Re-imagining Your Organization

Re-imagining Your Organization

This course will explore the mindsets, contexts, capacities, and strategic actions that can help you re-imagine your organization’s position in the face of ongoing disruptions.

Technology Forecasting

Be introduced to a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods that technology forecasters and futurists use when considering potential impacts that evolving, emerging and converging technologies might have on their organizations, industries and society.

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