DeGroote School of Business

Foresight Network

The Foresight Network is an engagement platform designed for corporate and government members who wish to better understand and prepare for the long-term, interdependent and often unpredictable forces of change that will shape the world in the years ahead. Through an array of insightful and practical learning activities, members will be able to:

  • make better sense of the disruptive potential that forces of change will have on people, industries, governments, and societies
  • spark imaginative and realistic future visions that aim to achieve positive outcomes
  • become competent practitioners of strategic foresight and change leadership methodologies
  • develop the skills and mindsets exhibited by resilient leaders of change
  • network with and learn from like-minded peers
  • test ideas and compare future strategies across industries.

Webinars & Workshops

Attend a regular series of virtual and in-class (post-Covid) future-readiness learning opportunities, such as:

  • Future of Canada and the World thought-leader webinars
  • Radar Detector Retreats
  • Learning@Lunch webinars
  • Foresight and leadership model workshops
  • Annual Senior Executive Roundtable.

Executive Education

Enjoy complimentary seats to a wide range of foresight, business, and leadership development programs, while having the option to pursue DeGroote’s Executive Management Program certificate.

Actionable Research

Gain valuable insights on emerging threats and opportunities through:

  • Member-consensus horizon scans
  • Member-consensus green papers and scenario outlooks
  • Foresight in Action case studies
  • Technology Disruptor Summaries.

Community Library

Access multi-media foresight and leadership resources, customized newsletters and virtual discussion platforms, including:

  • Foresight and leadership frameworks and literature repository
  • Podcasts/videocasts with thought-leaders and trendsetters
  • Back from the Future news feeds customized to individual member preferences
  • Community discussion forums.

Executive Briefings

Receive comprehensive annual summaries that capture key learning points from all Foresight Network events, workshops and action research findings.

For further information, please contact Dave Mammoliti at: