Developing Creative Thinkers and Change Agents

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Imagining and Navigating the Future

You know about the issues: technology disruption, precarious work, climate adaptation and digital identities. These are but a few of the profound forces that will shape your lives in the decades ahead. This means whether you end up working in the business, government or non-profit sectors, ‘business as usual’ is not an option. Every organization needs creative thinkers and change agents who can tackle these and other key issues that will shape the 21st century.

This is why DeGroote is offering two new courses that blend strategic foresight with change leadership. Imagining and Navigating the Future 3ZZ3 and B718 are designed for senior undergraduates and graduate students, respectively. Both courses welcome students from all faculties who wish to better understand the forces shaping our current world, envision future-oriented scenarios based on trends, signals and imaginative projections, and develop the leadership skills needed to navigate rapid, disruptive change.

How will all this work? We will engage in a structured process that weaves together some the same strategic foresight tools that organizations such as 3M, Google, Microsoft, Institute for the Future, and the United Nations use to peer into and prepare for the future. We will also use leadership frameworks that will help you become more confident agents of positive change.

Bubble Images of Students
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You will work in teams on an applied strategic foresight and change leadership project.

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You will learn key frameworks online and spend most in-class time applying these tools to your projects. Assessment is focused on participation and project work, not exams.

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You will develop greater collaboration, research and analysis, creativity and innovative thinking, organization and planning, and communication capabilities.

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