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The future has never been more uncertain. Old industries are being swept aside by imaginative innovators inventing new business models. Millions of traditional jobs are being automated as millions of new occupations are being created for the first time. And all the while, environmental stresses are disrupting our lives, driving the need for strategic foresight to reimagine our relationship with our planet and ourselves.

Navigating the future won’t be easy. But it is still necessary.

The Foresight Lab is here to help you and your organization imagine the possibilities. Learn more.

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Why the Foresight Lab

The Foresight Lab at the DeGroote School of Business provides the tools, skills development opportunities, and insights that can make you and your organization more future-ready. We do this by helping you:

Identify global forces and emerging trends that are disrupting businesses, governments and societies.

Become more adaptive and resilient in the face of constant change.

Imagine and position your organization and yourself for multiple future scenarios.

Getting Ready by Getting Involved

From webinars with globally recognized experts to professional development programs and consulting services to our members-driven foresight network, we offer a range of opportunities for you and your organization to shape the future and lead the way.

Professional Development

The Foresight Lab offers a range of futures thinking and change-readiness-focused programs in partnership with DeGroote Executive Education.

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Future of Canada and the World Webinars

The world is changing in profound ways. To help you better understand key trends driving this change, the Foresight Lab has assembled a series of leading global thinkers who will provide insights and implications for the future of business, Canada, and the world at large.

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Consulting Services and Custom Programs

The Foresight Lab offers customized executive development programming and consulting services to organizations that wish to develop their strategic foresight and change readiness capabilities.

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Foresight Network

The Foresight Network is an engagement platform designed for corporate and government members who wish to better understand and prepare for the long-term, interdependent and often unpredictable forces of change that will shape the world in the years ahead.

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